Expremio Technology


We believe that data-driven insights are the future of customer relationship management.

What can we help with:

mobile digital experience

We understand each mobile product is a brand token that will be acquired and used by the customers based on their preferences. We thus think a lot about relevancy and growth strategies for each mobile channel we work on, be it mobile web or mobile application. 


Our CRM software platform has registered worth of a 26 million EUR in 2016 and more than 110 thousand e-commerce & loyalty transactions per month. We improve our platform everyday and we adapt it to the needs of both hotels and restaurants. 


We thrive to understand how will your customers feel appreciated & rewarded. We then design program mechanics that cater to those expectations and to your category practices. We then configure & adapt our capabilities to match the requirements. 


If we have data, let’s look at data. If all we have are opinions, let’s go with mine.
— Jim Barksdale, ex-CEO, Netscape