Expremio Technology


Software teams can change the hospitality world for the better.

Expremio is a developing startup that was co-founded in 2011 by Bit Soft, the IT Leader for Hospitality in Romania. Since then, we have implemented and developed CRM capabilities for over 100 hospitality locations.

We know that the future is data-driven, but many hospitality and restaurants lack the tools to learn about their most valuable customers and win their business repeteadly. Our idea is to measure everything and make sense of what matters the most, so every brand can use data in a responsible and profitable way. 

Some think that technology will steal jobs and turn us into a society of automatons. The way we see it, technology can create valuable customer experiences so that brands and customers alike have a more fulfilling relationship.


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Our team

Adelin Prodan

| Implementation&Support Lead

Adrian Bulareanu

| Developer Team Leader

Alexandru Badut

| Managing Partner

Catalin Dumitrescu

| Full Stack Developer

Cosmin Nita

| Software Developer

Gabriel Smeu

| Graphic Designer

Raluca Ion

| Digital CRM & Product Lead